Offer – Tax Counselling

Our tax counselling offer is about our readiness to support your Company in dealing with its tax problems.

value added tax (VAT),


income taxes (personal and corporate income taxes),


tax on civil and legal actions,

ongoing tax counselling,


preparing tax opinions,


preparing letters/enquiries to the Ministry of Finance (motions for tax interpretations),


doing correspondence with tax authorities (executing trial letters),


representing Clients during tax authorities’ audits,


representing in tax as well as court and administrative procedures,

tax on real property,


tax on inheritance and donations,


ZUS (Social Security Authority).

tax audits,


reviews for investors – Due Diligence,


counselling in Mergers & Acquisitions,


registering business activity/companies,


transfer prices – preparing tax documentation.

The scope of our counselling comprises the issues connected with all taxes and in particular:

Our services include:

Tax and Accounting Consulting Ewa Flor

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