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Expert tax advice for banks

We provide comprehensive substantive support in the field of taxes for financial sector entities. Years of experience combined with the extensive knowledge of our specialists allow us to offer expert tax advice for banks, which includes a number of activities in the field of settlements, audits, risk identification and many other aspects of the activity of financial institutions.

The team of our law firm consists of experienced specialists who have been cooperating with banks for many years. Our clients can be sure that they will receive substantive support from people who perfectly know all kinds of processes and issues in the financial industry, in particular banks.


Tax advisory for banks – trust the experience of the team of experts

Our support covers a wide range of processes and activities resulting from the activities of financial institutions. Tax advisory for banks in our law firm includes, among others:

  • carrying out audits;
  • due diligence in bank mergers;
  • making settlements of costs and revenues as part of sub-participation and securitization;
  • settlement of bad debts;
  • settlement of receivables trading;
  • determining the possibility of applying the exempt VAT rate;
  • preparation of tax documentation for transactions with related entities.

Mutual understanding, transparent forms of communication and an individual approach to each client are the basis for fruitful cooperation. We remain flexible in terms of the scope and nature of tax advice for banks, as we believe that expert support requires solutions carefully tailored to the specifics of a given case.

eksperckie doradztwo podatkowe dla banków

Tax advisor for a bank – why is it worth using the help of experts?

The undoubted benefit of broadly understood tax consultancy for the bank is the protection of tax risks as well as the indication of opportunities and areas for optimizing tax settlements. Banks are entities in which special attention is paid to the transparency of operations. Tax settlements are also undoubtedly one of the areas of transparency. Proven solutions and processes refined over the years significantly improve the functioning of the entity in the field of taxes, while an experienced team of specialists watches over the correct course of the entire settlement mechanism.

It is also worth remembering that by using the expert support of a tax advisor for banks, the client somehow relieves himself of the burden of independent control over this aspect of his business. The effect of such cooperation is therefore not only saving time and resources that can be used by engaging in business development, but also significantly reducing the risk and responsibility that rests with decision-makers for a given institution. In addition to financial benefits, our clients gain an invaluable sense of security.

Doradztwo podatkowe banków

The list of customers from the banking area who are satisfied with the cooperation with the office of tax advisor Ewa Flor is reflected in the number of positive recommendations. Many institutions have benefited from our expert tax advisory services for banks. Comprehensive support, timeliness and a deep understanding of the mechanisms and dependencies governing a given institution are features particularly appreciated by our clients.


Expert advice on taxes – comprehensive support for banks

We enable our clients to freely choose the form of cooperation with us. Individual activities constituting expert tax advice can be conducted at the client’s premises, but cooperation can also take place online, i.e. completely remotely, while maintaining full security in the field of data flow.